Testimonials from Women

Hi Alex,
   I bought your e-book and video on Target Plantar Fasciitis, and it has helped me so much. I have had plantar fasciitis and anterior tibial tendon pain for quite some time. I am a distance runner, running up to 40 miles a week. For several months I had no pain while running (only sore after), but in June it became painful to run. Have spent the last three months trying all of the conservative treatments…night splint, icing, stretching calves several times a day, going to PT, massage therapy. I have been running at a reduced volume with no speedwork or trails, after taking off a few weeks. I started doing [the recommended exercises] 2 1/2 weeks ago, and taking [the recommended supplement], and the pain is gone!
– Sally Boyd


Dear Alex, I’m sorry I haven’t kept you updated, especially considering your very conscientiousness and generous communication. Since my last email we’ve been travelling. You’re entitled to some much deserved kudos!!

I feel I made tremendous progress, despite the “pep talk” (not!) the ortho gave me when I told him I was going to follow your protocol. I started with virtually no range of motion and tremendous pain…to full range of motion and completely pain free for normal day to day activity in two weeks. I haven’t started working out yet. When we get home I’ll test it out on some light weights. Of course, I’m a bit nervous. I am a little confused to what my new regime will be. I do enjoy cross fit and wish my gym environment and trainer would be more supportive of what I need to do to modify.

Now, that I understand the idea of healing and maintaining tendon health, I’m excited to work on other areas (knees, back).

When we get home, there are many people I’m looking forward to recommending your book. I’ve seen a couple of msg boards out their full of people who could use your help. It’s quite sad to realize how many people have really been suffering for a long time. I won’t give away the secret but will definitely send them in your direction.

Thanks so much! Besides the healing, you’ve also provided me w/a tremendous amount of empowerment.

– Sincerely, Bobbi Casellas

Hi Alex,

I am really pleased to be able to say after two long years of pain I am 98% recovered. After trying every treatment possible from acupuncture, massage, glucose injections, dry needling and so many more expensive treatments I thought I would never find a cure.

I followed your program for 2 months and for the first time in 2 years I actually was able to start running again. Always do a set [of the recommended exercise] before I run. Still have a tiny bit of tenderness after I run [which] disappears soon as I stretch. I’m back running 3-4x a week now, slowly building my distances feels great. Thank you so much, the best $24NZ dollars I ever spent.

– Regards, Mary-anne from New Zealand

Hi, I haven’t heard from you in a while so I thought I would just give you a quick update. My right foot is feeling great, I think that all the exercises have worked well for that foot. My left foot feels better, but is still painful usually at the end of the day if I have been on my feet a lot. I am going to continue the exercises and supplements, but I also made an appointment with my podiatrist to discuss my options for this blasted left foot. I wonder if it is so damaged that it can’t heal properly…I don’t know.

So, I just wanted to thank you for helping me out and taking such an interest in my problem. I will forever recommend your book to anyone I come across with fasciitis. Thanks!!!

– Alysia Cook

I could have written [Bobbi Casellas’] testimonial. Everything she said is so true with me. I am also looking forward to trying to apply the exercises to my other trouble spots too. I am having a little trouble though targeting the shoulder and neck muscles. I work as a secretary and always have such pain in those areas as well as knee.
Thanks again for your excellent program.

– Kris Landy

The exercises definitely helped! I only wish the ortho docs I saw at the initial diagnosis and second opinion would have possessed the knowledge you share in your book.

– Jean Tillman