Jumpstretch bands: Great for allowing you to rehab parts of your body when you don’t have a training partner. The Monster Mini is the one shown in the video, and the one I recommend buying. You can always double it up when you need more resistance.

Another good source for giant rubber bands is Bodylastics.

Ironmind: Your source for the finger bands shown in the video.

Foam roller: This monster is the best product out there for athletes who are serious about getting the upper hand on their adhesions.

Fatgripz: One of the best tools out there for preventing forearm tendon pain from recurring. Get a pair and cycle them into your workouts on a regular basis. Not only will they do good things for your forearms, you will have much less chance of incurring repetitive stress. Best for people with larger hands.

Lynx Grips: The solution for people with smaller hands, or those who want a little more choice in how “fat” they can make their weight bars. I recommend getting two pairs and using either one or two in each hand on a rotating basis.

Repair Gold: The best proteolytic enzyme on the market. Yes, it’s expensive. But the effects are worth the price.

Wobenzym: If you live in Europe and have trouble getting Repair Gold, a good substitute is Wobenzym. This link is for Amazon UK, but if you live in Germany you should order it from Amazon DE, as it is manufactured in Germany and will be cheaper.

Icelandic kelp: Kelp contains a lot of iodine, which helps in repairing and rebuilding damaged tendons. Icelandic kelp has industry-leading standards for purity and concentration.