Ryan Zimmerman on DL with plantar fasciitis

I ran across an article a couple days ago that talks about Ryan Zimmerman, a professional baseball player, having to be put on the Disabled List because of plantar fasciitis pain in his left foot. What caught my eye was that he’s only going to be on the DL for 15 days, and the coach’s statement regarding his performance (which has been lacking lately, due to the injury): “I fully expect him to be, at the end of the year, where he normally is.”

If you follow athletics and keep an eye on the time that it takes professional athletes to recover from injuries and conditions like plantar fascia pain, you might notice that, in most cases, they get better very quickly. Why is that? Well, professional athletes are young (Zimmerman is 30) and generally in great shape, and of course that helps. But they also have access to the absolute best medical professionals and trainers, as well as the latest in cutting-edge medical knowledge. When big money is on the line, like it is in professional baseball, teams don’t want to have their players sitting on the bench any longer than necessary. So they make it their business to keep up with the latest research and know the absolute best and fastest techniques to rehabilitate their athletes.

Compare this to your average doctor, who is busy with his practice or working 12-hour shifts in a hospital. With medical knowledge literally doubling every year, the average doctor simply doesn’t have the time to keep up with all the new developments. And there isn’t much financial incentive to do so either. He’s going make a perfectly good living just taking care of people using what he was taught in Med School. And for most people, whatever the doctor prescribes will be sufficient to make them feel better. So, no problem.

But if you’ve had a chronic condition, been the your neighborhood doc and not gotten better, it might be time to look around for more effective solutions. Medical knowledge is advancing at an incredible rate, and it’s actually likely that you will be able to cure yourself in many cases…even if your local doctor doesn’t know how to do it.

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