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Happy new year, everyone. I thought I'd start the year off with some information about my "Target" products. There are a few questions I get on a regular basis, so I'll try to answer them below.

Q: What is contained in the free mini-course that you give away on the right side of your blog?

A: The mini-course is basically a quick education on plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciosis, and why you should treat them differently. It has some tips on nutrition and treatment, and clears up a lot of the confusion that people have about the two conditions. (The information is also relevant to tendonitis/tendonosis.) If you sign up for it, you'll get an email every day or two for a couple of weeks, giving you various aspects of the issue. And yes, I'm selling something here, so you'll also get some information about my ebook+video package. But it's a pretty soft sell, and you certainly aren't obligated to buy anything.

Q: I heard that your ebooks have sold in something like thirty countries. Is that really true?

A: Actually, they have sold in more than forty countries worldwide. If you're interested, here's a list for just the past month:

The UK, the USA, Cyprus, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, France, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Turkey and Ireland.

Q: I was looking for Target Plantar Fasciitis on Kindle. I thought I saw it listed, but now I can't find it.

A: I used to have both the Target Books (Target Plantar Fasciitis and Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, and Target Tendonitis) on Kindle, but I took them down. One reason, frankly, was that I was tired of paying Amazon two-thirds of the cover price, but the more important issue was that there wasn't any way of getting the videos bundled with the book on the Kindle platform, and without those a lot of people seemed to have a hard time understanding how to perform the exercises I recommend.

Q: I don't really like ebooks. Can I order a hard- or soft-cover version of TPF?

A: Sorry, but I don't offer anything other than the PDF version. The reason is the same as the answer to the last question: no way to include the video without adding a lot to the cost. Plus, 99% of the people who buy my books are in fairly severe pain and want to get rid of it as fast as possible. They don't want to wait 2-3 days (or longer in the case of international sales) for a regular paper book to be shipped.

Q: Do you offer your ebooks in languages other than English?

A: I'm working on it. The Japanese version of Target Tendonitis has been completed and is now on sale. Target Plantar Fasciitis has yet to be translated into another language, but if there is a demand for it, please let me know via the contact form on this website.

Q: Why doesn't stretching work to get rid of my plantar fascia pain?

A: Stretching is great for preventing pain, but not really effective for getting rid of a problem once you've got it. If you have either fasciitis (inflammation of the fascia) or fasciosis (degeneration of the fascia tissue), stretching won't help much. And in the case of fasciosis, too much stretching may actually cause further damage if the connective tissue has been weakened beyond a certain point.

Q: Is there a quick way to tell which condition I have, plantar fasciitis or plantar fasciosis?

A: Yes. The quickest and easiest way is to just take the test that I've put together here. It's free and only takes about a minute to complete.

Hope this helps. If you have a question that you'd like to have answered, either leave a comment below or use the contact page to get in touch.


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  1. Deb says:

    I am not sure I have plantar fasciitis. I have pain on the outside edge before the heel and a hard area under my foot closer to the outer edge than the middle. Everything I read says plantar fasciitis is more in the arch. Can your book help with what I have? I've been told I have tendinitis and should use NSAID and ice, but I have had this for a long time and I have to be careful using those meds.

    • Alex says:

      Plantar fasciitis can occur in different places along the fascia, but have you seen a doctor to get a diagnosis? That would be the first step.

      Second, if you do have plantar fasciitis, there are different reasons you could be suffering from it. If you have a heel spur, then no, my methods won't help. If your condition is due to overuse, however, then yes, my ebook and videos can help sort that out.

      • Deb says:

        How would I know if I have a heel spur? Would they have to do x-rays? I had a heel spur on the back of my heel on the other foot and I could feel it. On this foot I only feel hardness along the edge where it hurts.
        I have seen a doctor. I posted below what she recommended. I am seeing her again in 2 weeks but I doubt there will be much else done as I didn't take the NSAIDs. I cannot take those. I would like to find someone who can help me without taking those drugs. I hope your book can help. I have ordered books before online and been very disappointed, so you can see why I want to make sure this is geared toward someone like me with the problem I have.

        • Alex says:

          X-Ray or MRI. But yeah, you need a test of some sort.

          Speaking of tests, have you taken the one on this site? It's at the top right of the page, and can help you determine whether Target Plantar Fasciitis is right for you or not.

          • Deb says:

            I did. It was mostly B's. I think I will request some sort of test. Hopefully it will not show spurs and I can start your program.
            Thanks for your answers. I appreciate it.

  2. Deb says:

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did see a doctor. She prescribed Diclofenac but I am not willing to take this due to kidney issues that run in my family. That really limits what I can take. She didn't think it would be an issue, but it's my body and I don't want to risk it.
    She said it was plantar fasciitis. From what I have looked at, on the internet I think it involves the tendon out side the plantar, the peroneal tendon. At least that is what it looks like when I look at images of tendons on the bottom/side of the foot. I do not have a heel spur, as far as I know. I had one on my other heel and went through the whole surgery thing. Do not want to do that again. She suggested I rest my foot from my activities, which is really hard to do, but she did say I could do the elliptical machine, which I do. I have had this since last fall. I blame it on a pair of shoes I was wearing, along with my orthodontics due to high arches. Since then, it hasn't really gone away, although it has been tolerable. Now it is getting worse. I'd love to try your method if you think it would work for me.

    • Alex says:

      Well, peroneal tendonitis (or tendonosis, which is more likely what you have) is not the same as plantar fasciitis (or fasciosis). So the exercises you would need to do are different. The good news is, my ebook-and-video package covers both. 🙂

      If you read some of the articles on this blog, you will learn that what most people (even doctors) call "fasciitis" or "tendonitis" is actually not that at all, but fasciosis or tendonosis. I also have a Youtube video up (about seven minutes long) that explains this:

      It does sound like my methods will probably work for you, and if they don't, you can always get your money back within 60 days. So, not much risk. 🙂

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