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A different kind of testimonial

Hello my name is Alex Saadat and im a believer!  Your book has been of great help. I have recommended it to several people. Whether a disc golfer in golden gate park a checkout clerk at the supermarket and my self absorbed weightlifting older brother. Your system works…

It’s always nice to hear when someone uses my techniques to help rid themselves of tendon or fascia pain, but it’s doubly nice to find out that they got such fast and effective relief that they start recommending it to check-out clerks at the local supermarket!  That’s when they’ve gone from being a customer to a proselytizer, someone who’s so convinced that they’ve found something new and great that they’ll go out on a limb to tell others about it.

My two ebooks, Target Tendonitis (for the knees up) and Target Plantar Fasciitis (for the ankles and feet), have now sold over a thousand copies in more than forty different countries – and I haven’t paid a cent for advertising.  The program is effective enough that once people try it they start telling others, and word of mouth is always the best advertising.  Why spend money when people like Alex Sadaat are out there spreading the word for me?

If you’re reading this page, odds are that you’ve been diagnosed with either tendonitis or fasciitis. But let me give you something to think about: If you’ve had tendon or fascia pain for more than two weeks, the fact is that the chances of your condition really being tendonitis or fasciitis are less that five percent.  No matter what you’ve been told by a doctor or physical therapist, it’s much more likely that you have tendonosis or fasciosis – conditions that are (1) much more serious than an “~itis” and (2) will not respond to treatment that tries to combat inflammation.

I’ve written about this in more detail here (for tendons) and here (for fascia), so I won’t go through it again.  Just be aware that the reason my programs get such good word-of-mouth is that they are designed to treat the condition you really have, not the one everybody is telling you you have.  If you want to find out more about what your problem really is, take the test that you can find on this page.  It’s free, will only take a minute, and there’s absolutely nothing that you have to buy, opt into or anything else.  Just good information that you should have in order to make a good decision about your body.