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Why is Ryan Mattheus going to get better before you do?

I ran across an interesting article recently.  It caught my eye because of two points, but I’ll let you read it before I tell you why I thought it was interesting:

Ryan Mattheus to visit specialist, will miss two weeks at worst

Washington Post (blog)

“By Adam Kilgore (Al Behrman – AP) Nationals reliever Ryan Mattheus will visit a specialist in Baltimore on Tuesday to determine the severity of plantar fasciitis in his left foot. Depending on the diagnosis, Mattheus could either return in time to …”


So what’s so intriguing here?  Well, one, the Nationals are confident that Mattheus is going to be cured of his plantar fasciitis within two weeks.  That’s not much time.  And two, it doesn’t matter how severe his condition is.  Two weeks is all it’s going to take.

Admittedly, Mattheus is a professional athlete, relatively young, and has access to some really good trainers.  But still, if you’ve been suffering from PF for weeks or months on end, you have to ask yourself why.  You’ve probably been to doctors and maybe done some internet research, but you still have the condition.  The answer is pretty simple: professional sports teams have access to better information than you do.  Or at least, they know which bits out of the overwhelming amount of conflicting data are really relevant and effective.

You could try getting in touch with a professional sports team trainer (very expensive, if you can even get to see one), or you could take a look around this blog and see that there’s very little hype and that everything is supported by science.  And then you could take a risk-free trail (everything is 100% guaranteed for 60 days) of the Target Plantar Fasciitis ebook + video package and see just how easy it is to get rid of long-term plantar fasciitis when you have the right information to work with.

Author: Alex Nordach