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Ankle tendon pain

Let’s talk about ankles.

Lots of people complain about “ankle tendonitis”, but what does this really mean? If the pain is in the back of the ankle, just above the heel, then you have a problem with your achilles tendon. If it’s on the outside of the foot, running up the ankle, then you’re looking at some kind of peroneal tendon pain. And if it’s on the inside, running from the instep, under the ankle bone and up the leg a bit, then it’s probably a posterior tibial tendon problem.

Of course, calling any of these conditions “tendonitis” also might not be accurate. If you sprained your ankle and then developed some tendon pain, yes, you likely have short-term inflammation and need to do things like icing and taking aspirin to help combat it. But if you’ve had the pain for more than a couple of weeks, and it seems to be gradually getting worse without any kind of traumatic injury, then it’s much more likely that you have ankle tendonosis.

If you look at the top right of this blog, you’ll see a tendon/fascia test that you can take to determine which one you have. It’s free and will only take a minute – literally. There isn’t even an opt-in, so go ahead and do it now. The results may just change the way you think about your ankle tendon pain.

Author: Alex Nordach