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Another great testimonial

This is a testimonial that I received on my other site, Target Tendonitis. Although Bobbi wasn’t suffering from foot or ankle tendon pain, the techniques that she used are completely transferable and effective for the plantar fascia, and Achilles and posterior tibial tendons.

Dear Alex,

Thanks for checking in. Since my last email we’ve been traveling. You’re entitled to some much deserved kudos!!

I feel I made tremendous progress, despite the “pep talk” (not!) the ortho gave me when I told him I was going to follow your protocol. I started with virtually no range of motion and tremendous pain in the elbow & shoulder to full range of motion and completely pain free for normal day to day activity in two weeks. I haven’t started working out yet. When we get home I’ll test it out on some light weights. Of course, I’m a bit nervous. I am a little confused to what my new regime will be. I do enjoy cross fit and wish my gym environment and trainer would be more supportive of what I need to do to modify.

Now, that I understand the idea of healing and maintaining tendon health, I’m excited to work on other areas (knees, back). Although, I am confused about how to target the back…

When we get home, there are many people I’m looking forward to recommending your book. I’ve seen a couple of msg boards out their full of people who could use your help. It’s quite sad to realize how many people have really been suffering for a long time. I won’t give away the secret but will definitely send them in your direction.

Thanks so much! Besides the healing, you’ve also provided me w/a tremendous amount of empowerment.

Bobbi Casellas

There really isn’t much to add here, except to point out how much more positive your outlook can be once you discover how to take control of your own tendon health. Bobbi is a 42-year-old weight trainer, crossfitter and generally very active. Congratulations to her for taking matters into her own hands and deciding to try something new–despite the advice of her orthopedist!

Author: Alex Nordach