A New Testimonial for Healing Achilles Tendonitis

I received the following testimonial the other day:

Dear Alex:

The book has been very beneficial... I have suffered from stubborn tendinosis three times. The first two ones were elbow tendinosis. I simply did too many pullups. These were not mere "tendinitis" . I aggravated the tendinitis because I didn`t rest enough. The point is I felt it in the morning only, but every morning was worse. So I had to quit pulling for months-well, more than a year-till I decided to perform [the recommended exercise].
I am currently curing from another one in my Achilles tendon. Now I´m better, but I had to stop running from last November to June. It was when I bought your book that I began doing [the recommended exercise], which improved my Achilles a lot.

To summarize : this stuff works and is very practical and easy to implement.

Thanks a lot, man. Tendinopathies really suck, and your book can help many people.

Santiago Ces Garcia

Kudos are due for Santiago, who decided to take control of his own recovery from both elbow and Achilles tendonosis. Congratulations!

The same techniques that helped him get back to working out and running can also help you if you might have plantar fasciitis or posterior tibial tendonitis. If you have either of these conditions, take a minute (really -- less than ONE minute) to take the test that will tell you whether the techniques contained in my book will help or not. The test is free, there's absolutely no opt-in or anything like that, and it might just change your life.

Author: Alex Nordach

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