Plantar Fasciosis Testimonial

I received a new testimonial from a woman in Texas a few days back. Her name is Alysia and she is the mother of four children and an avid runner. She developed plantar fascia pain after running a 5k last year, and despite getting fitted for orthotics, etc. was not able to cure her pain over the course of several months. Her doctor diagnosed it as "plantar fasciitis", but since she had had the pain for such a long time I was confident that it was actually plantar fasciosis. She didn't want to go the surgical route (next on the list of recommendations from her doctor) so she finally ordered my book. Here is her initial email (received on February 9th):

I am 32 years old and I first started to feel the pain in my feet in May of 2010 after running a 5K. I bought new shoes thinking I had just overused my old ones, but that didn’t help. It wasn’t until July or August that I was explaining my frustration to a friend and she told me I had plantar fasciitis (she had had it too). So I started to stretch my feet more often and iced them and took ibuprofen, I also started to tape them up before exercising. I stopped wearing dress shoes and pretty much wore my running shoes all the time, I even went to the Walmart and stood on the Dr. Scholls machine and got the recommended shoe inserts. All of these things helped for the moment but the pain never completely went away. All this time I had been exercising off and on depending on how my feet felt, but I always regretted it afterward. I finally went to a podiatrist in November and he recommended an NSAID and stretching and if those didn’t work then the next step was cortisone shots. I tried what he said with no lasting results, so in December I went to a different podiatrist and he gave me a cortisone shot in both feet and some over the counter shoe inserts that he adjusted to fit my feet. I felt great for about two weeks and then the pain came back with a vengeance in my left foot and I started to feel some tightness in my calf as well. My right foot felt pretty good, but some of the pain did come back. So, in January I got another cortisone shot in my left foot, the doctor told me it should last longer this time (like 2 months) but, alas, the pain came back after two weeks just like before. My podiatrist told me that the next step is the release procedure and although the relief of pain sounds great, I would REALLY like to avoid surgery, it just doesn’t feel right (in my gut).

Fast forward to the first week of April, and Alysia had this to say:

Hi, I thought I would just give you a quick update. My right foot is feeling great, I think that all the exercises have worked well for that foot. My left foot feels better, but is still painful usually at the end of the day if I have been on my feet a lot. I am going to continue the exercises and supplements, but I also made an appointment with my podiatrist to discuss my options for this blasted left foot. I wonder if it is so damaged that it can’t heal properly…I don’t know.

So, I just wanted to thank you for helping me out... I will forever recommend your book to anyone I come across with plantar fasciitis. Thanks!!! Alysia

Congratulations to Alysia for taking matters into her own hands and being willing to try a different solution (one that her doctor wasn't aware of, but that is fully backed by science). If you have plantar fascia pain that you can't get rid of, why not try the techniques outlined in my book? It has a 100% money-back guarantee and there is a companion video that goes along with it to show you exactly what to do to start curing your plantar fascia pain immediately.

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